fear of death: it's about life, actually

engaging in the conversation ... for more conscious living and dying

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Book Description
What do all human beings have in common?  Despite all the
self-help books about sex, money, power, happiness, weight and relationships, there is one thing that none of that guidance can prevent:  every one of us will die.

What if we weren't so afraid of death, or of even talking about it?

The fear of death - even when it's below our conscious awareness - underlies all fear. 
But, as Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and David Kessler remind us in
Life Lessons . . .

"Fear doesn't stop death; it stops life."

What this book suggests is that exploring our fears about death - talking about death, learning
about it - might allow us to live more fully now and to die more consciously, with less fear
and less unfinished business.

With thought-provoking quotes and a list of resources from the top contributors in the field,
this book provides a sturdy framework for us to begin and continue our inquiry.  There are
practices and tools we can use along the way.

The author's informal style engages us easily in considering some of the most important
questions about how we want to live and how we want to die.

What Fear of Death: It's About Life, Actually offers is an unusual opportunity to empower
ourselves with regard to these questions and to begin to accept death and
conversations about death as natural parts of our lives. 

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