fear of death: it's about life, actually

About Amy Wallace, M.A.

Amy Wallace has noticed for years the "biggest elephant in the room" that nobody wants to talk about: DEATH.  Seems to her that - since death is something we all have to face (and we never know when) - maybe it would be useful to think about it ahead of time, you know, when we're a little more relaxed about it.

Amy grew up in the Boston area and went to college there, but New England just never felt like home.  In 1975, at the suggestion of a friend who had moved from the East coast to San Francisco, she packed her belongings into her Ford Pinto and drove across the country.  She's lived happily in the San Francisco Bay area during most of the subsequent 35+ years.

Working in the restaurant business and then in sales for many years, one of her most fulfilling experiences was getting her Masters degree in Counseling Psychology at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology; it was there, in a course on "Death and Dying", that the seeds of this inquiry were planted.  She decided to start talking about death and inviting others to, too.

Amy hopes that you find this book about exploring our fears of death meaningful and empowering – in living your life AND your death.

email: aw@aboutlifeactually.com


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